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About me

With close to a decade of experience as a coach and athlete, having pushed the extremes on both performance and enjoying life, I’ve learned that somewhere in the middle lies the key to long term sustainability and fulfillment in living your healthiest life. Neither side can be superior. Instead, it is a balance of both that ultimately lead someone to their fulfillment in training, lifestyle and success towards their goals.



What people say

  • For me the biggest plus of working with Ben, is that it’s an honest and authentic character. Personal training is hip and happening and is easy to find, but finding genuinely  exciting and nice people is not. With Ben you know for sure the connection is mutual and real and in this day and age, that is a real treat.

  • I train with Benjamin since several years. Love the way he tailors the exercises according to my needs and abilities, including how I feel on the very same day. He helped me going through a big change in my sport life after an accident. I now feel fitter than ever, without excesses in either exercise or diet. He takes his job very seriously, but with a touch of lightness, which makes training with him a fun experience.

  • Benjamin is a very dedicated personal trainer. He is a perfect mix between carefulness and guiding you to make bigger steps.
    I am one of his happy pupils that made great progress.

  • I tried exercising with PT before… never thought then that I would ever look forward to training sessions!   I do now! He creates a  positive and fun atmosphere at the gym as well as outdoors, in one to one as well as in duo sessions! I would never so happily push myself as I do with Ben. He is caring and relaxed in his support but scientific in his programs and he makes such his clients push their limits working hard, but within realistic and progressives objectives. I am regaining trust in my abilities thanks to this excellent combination.

  • I am so grateful to have met Ben shortly after moving to Den Haag in 2018. I had just suffered a personal loss & totally lacked all motivation. Ben is the best PT and without doubt I was so lucky to have met him & started working out again.  Bens SESSIONS are full of guidance & support, and he makes the training suit your needs. For me it’s all about strength and flexibility training to keep moving after an old injury, without Ben I’m not sure where I would be now.  He is super kind and great fun but tough when needed, and makes you feel each and every session. The gym is a perfect space, and  quiet if you feel intimated in a bigger gym setting. If your looking for a PT then Ben is definitely your man. Thank you Ben for everything. Deirdre

  • I have been training with Benjamin for over a year now. My goal is to stay fit and healthy, but also embrace my body the way it is. Benjamin gives me exactly that, with positive attention and a nice word to spare during every training. Most importantly, he is serious and passionate about his job. He means real business ;).

  • I hate Benjamin all the way through  those 45 min!

  • Benjamin has the ability to push you forward without going over your limits. He makes you feel good about yourself after every session.

  • I have been training with Benjamin for several years. He is not only an amazing personal trainer he can also adjust very well to whatever situation or life change you are going through, always making you feel better and motivated. Words I would use to describe Benjamin: skilled, motivator, happy, loyal, a trainer for everyone! Couldn’t do without him…not only to stay physically in shape but also mentally sane!

  • I’m taking lessons with Ben for a about a half year now. I’m very pleased about the way he gives lessons and besides that he is a very nice guy. Everything is negotiable about your wishes. The main thing for Ben is that is in balance. I can recommend everyone to take lessons.

  • Ben has been training me for over 3 years. Thoughout this time it has been an absolute pleasure to come to the gym and work out. Ben always managed to find just the right type of exercises to keep me engaged and motivated. He also actively listens for the feedback and adjusts the exercises depending on the level of fitness, strength, and other aspects. I remember I found Ben by chance when I was looking for a personal coach. I guess that chance was a stroke of luck.