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Muscle Gain
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Muscle Strength

Endurance Training
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Personal training

You can do this!

Great personal training sessions aren’t delivered by accident. They are delivered by design and with a purpose. As your personal trainer, I strive to give the best exercise experience and nutrition programs tailored to my client’s needs in a friendly and welcoming gym environment. Continuously finding ways to help my clients combat the barriers that interfere with building and sustaining an exercise habit and healthier lifestyle.

Before starting any PT session or training program it is important to understand your current fitness level and goals. A full consultation will be carried out to establish your requirements and from there I will create a plan based around you and guide you through every step of the way. One of the biggest things I do is reassure my clients that they can do this, in an environment where they feel safe, accepted and always looking forward to the next session.

It’s all about balance

Stay healthy, get fit
& enjoy life!


60 minute sessions

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45 minute sessions

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Duo session
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+€20 per session